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So... I've been feeling not so inspired in the fic-writing lately. I've got a Spander story I REALLY want to work on... but every time I want to write it, I'm too busy and every time I'm free, I get stuck.

So I think I'd like to do some short things again. Because those drabbles I did last year were fun. But I need words. Just single words, not phrases or sentences. Anyone have a word suggestion or two for me? Would love for them to be kinky and/or h/c or sf-related please! I reserve the right to skip any I can't think of a fill for ;-) And feel free to repeat any off the list I've already done. If it's a good word, I want it!


Contents of this journal include: sneeze fetish references and lots of hurt/comfort, short fics and/or WIPS, everything from gen and het to slash and femslash, everything from G to NC-17, random ramblings about my life and fandom obsessions.

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