Sep. 3rd, 2017

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Friday, I realized Charlie was not breathing well. She was making a lot of noise when she breathed and kept trying to clear her nose or throat of whatever was causing the congestion. She's always had some congestion issues, but nothing this bad. I wasn't sure what to do for an hour or so. Then, realizing most of our animals have emergencies on holidays when the regular vet is closed (forcing us to go to the emergency room) I decided to take her in. They examined her and she produced some evidence of what was wrong with magical timing. They gave her a course of antibiotics to try (they're pretty sure it's bacterial, not viral). So that was $150 I wasn't expecting.

Yesterday I got into my car and drove out of the neighborhood, on the way to meet up with my friends for a snarfari & day of adventure. I noticed my car feeling a little wobbly, pulled over, and found that my tire was flat. Like an idiot, I drove it back down to my house and called [personal profile] melydia who kindly picked me up instead. The day, celebrating one of my friend's birthdays, was full of lots of fun--two private tours of museums, one private tour of a historic house (private meaning that we were the only people there on a super rainy Saturday in the middle of almost nowhere Virginia), signings of lots of historical markers, visits to a handful of Little Free Libraries so we could leave books there (I did come home with a few I swapped for, though), a trip to the Sugar Shack for amazing donuts (I bought 3: a mango-something one, a cherry pie one, and a Butterfinger one), and a great time with people I love.

Today, I get to deal with the flat tire. My Nationwide policy covered the roadside assistance, so I called this morning. The guy just came a little after noon and switched out the tire with my spare. He said to me "Wow, I didn't expect there to be a spare tire in such a little car!" I have an SUV--a Honda Element. Little? Anyway, it turns out there's a nail in the tire, which could be an easy and cheap repair. But I'd already called a local place and gotten a quote for replacing all four tires. My normal garage told me last month after doing an allignment that I was going to need to replace all my tires before the winter. And there's a Labor Day sale going on right now where the tires I like are buy 2, get 2 free with free warranties and allignments for tire life thrown in. With the labor, balancing, etc. it's still going to be $550, but they're great tires and I was going to need new ones in a couple months anyway. So I might as well just do it while there's a sale and while I actually have the time, right?

My 2-in-1 transformer laptop-tablet is nearly dead. It doesn't charge properly half the time (sometimes it says it's charging and so I leave it and come back to it a few hours later and it wasn't charging at all and is down to 7%) and I sometimes need to hold the cable at a weird andle manually to make it charge. It's got some system corruption issues--it won't open File Explorer to let me look at contents of files without freezing my machine up for about 5 minutes per action, and the applications in my task bar almost all vanished; if I try to open one, it gives me an erorr and says to reinstall the application (but they're applications that came with the machine like Calculator). It still runs Open Office, so that's good. And everything stored on it is in the cloud, so I won't lose anything if it crashes tomorrow. But it's getting pretty difficult to use at this point. A new one will cost me $250-$300. Again, not bad, all things considered, but it's not an expense I was planning on right now.

I'm going to have to dip heavily into savings to cover this, and I don't have much to dip into. But at least I have something. It's just frustrating. I finally get a little above water with my finances and... glug glug glug I'm back down again.

The good news is, I've got a project up that I'm super excited to share with everyone! The other good news is that today Charlie is sounding better! I had to give her her pill twice last night/this morning because she spit it up the first time. She's not eating the pill pockets like treats any more, which is annoying, but I'm getting her to swallow them, and the pill pockets help the pills go down smooth and easily. But I'm hoping this means the antibiotics are kicking in. She sounds so much better and is acting normal as well. I'm SO relieved. Still a LOT of pills left to give her, but hopefully she'll continue to be good and kick this thing officially.
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Hey, does anyone know where the sfforum is moving? I don't have access to see/find out. Anyone know? (Or if anyone could nudge a mod toward approving me so I CAN see the info about the move, I'd appreciate it).



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