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I just got home from seeing the first hobbit movie. It was my first time seeing a LotR movie at midnight. And I must admit, I fell asleep briefly during the talking scene in Rivendell and during the first wrag attack (yes, there was more than one). But only briefly and I knew I was seeing the movie again in about 15 hours, so I didn't beat myself up over it. I had an incident with my eyes last night so they weren't at their best; I didn't push them. But it was only a short-lived nodding off. I went with my Harry Potter group and a member of one of the local Geek clubs. There were... 10 or 11 of us. And we chose the wrong theater. Apparently, theater 2 was the overflow of people who didn't make it into 9 and in 9 there were lightsabers. Ah well. We got perfect seats right in the middle. Couldn't have been better. And, yeah, I got there 2 hours and 15 minutes early.

My friend and I clapped at "The Hobbit" title credit but we were pretty much the only ones who did (disappointing) and I had to lead the theater in applause at the end! ME! I know! I am SO not a leader! But I couldn't wait and had to clap and others joined right in. Yay.

Anyway, I totally loved it. Not as much as the LotR trilogy, but this was only my first viewing.

Spoilers below! Just tiny ones and me freaking out, but, still if you wish to be unspoiled, do not read any more of this!!!!!!

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Thanks for the feedback, guys! Y'all know I can't ever make up my mind. I did end up going to see Sherlock Holmes (at $2 a ticket and a theater right across the street from where I work, it's kind of hard to resist when I actually have a free Tuesday night to spend at the movies).

I loved Sherlock Holmes. I was worried it wouldn't be as intellectual as the Holmes I was used to. All the guns and fighting and all in the trailer made me worried. But I shouldn't have been. It was brilliant and just what I wanted to see. Watson was fantastic and the slashiness was delicious. Naked!RDJ didn't hurt either *G* I loved the h/c and Holmes caring so much for Watson (and vice-versa). *happy sigh*

Seriously, I was quite worried but I really enjoyed the Holmes reboot. I'm just going to add "reboot" to everything redone now. Should be interesting to see Highlander: reboot. Not to mention my excitement about The Hobbit reboot. Hmm. I like the sound of it. And when they're done making both Deathly Hallows movies maybe they'll start all over and give us a Harry Potter reboot?

Anyway, I would have enjoyed the movie a hell of a lot more if the old women sitting one seat away from me would have SHUT THE HECK UP during, oh, the ENTIRE film. Or if the couple sitting in front of me to the left would have been quiet (though, honestly, they weren't even close to as bad as the women). The people in the row behind tried an "excuse me, this is a movie theater" but got nowhere with that except loud, harsh words from the women. The women were quiet possibly the rudest people I have ever had the displeasure to watch a movie near. They didn't even try to whisper. And when the movie was over, they won't get up. Okay, so they were very large women and it probably takes them twice as long to stand as it takes me, but I was totally trapped until they left their seats on the end of the isle (the other side of the row is a wall) and they not only took their time getting up but stood there TALKING and blocking me in. I was standing right behind and they both looked at me but they didn't hury up or even apologize for making me stand beside them and wait the whole time for them to get out.

But I can live with rude people. I don't like 'em, but I can deal. The really bad part of the experience was that at the very end, after the big reveal, when the policeman bursts in with one final twist/wrinkle to reveal in the plot, the movie LOST THE SOUND. All we got were loud whirring noises and mechanical noises. I can't read lips. I tried to follow what was going on (I understand what happened) but I missed all the dialogue. I suspect Holmes revealed that his new arch-nemisis, Moriarty, is in fact the dog (who isn't actually dead). Either that or the butler did it.

The sound came back on halfway during the credits, but that doesn't really help. I mean, I saw what happened at the end, but all the clever lines weren't there. *sigh* The movie theater people said that we can come back in any time and watch the last 5 minutes of the movie. LOL Yeah, like that's going to happen. LOL

Maybe I should have picked Up in the Air after all ;-)
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I'm planning to see a movie tomorrow evening after work at the discount theater. What should I see?

I've narrowed it down to 2 choices: Up in the Air or Sherlock Holmes

One of my goals is to see all the movies nominated for best picture. So this would be a good chance to see Up in the Air. On the other hand, it's Jude Law and RDJ. I'm feeling indecisive. Help?
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I never thought I'd say it, but I'm starting to get sick of books. LOL! I've been staring at hundreds of books tonight, counting, sorting, labeling, and registering them for Accio Books. And tomorrow I wake up to go to the thrift store and buy a few more hundred, even before I'm done with the remaining 300 or so here in my room. No, I don't hate books... I just need a break :-)

The Accio Books campaign has been keeping me quite busy, actually. I'm really hoping that this will be the time the Just & Caring House of Hufflepuff takes the cup. We've been in the lead until the end during the last 2 House Cup competitions and then we were overtaken by Ravenclaw and Gryffindor. So this time... this time is Hufflepuff's time. And we've been so excited and spirited. We have 2 secret projects going that I've participated in. And, get this, the Hufflepuff prefects made me the very first Hufflepuff Hero! That's right! I was famous in Hufflepuff! I was so honored I actually teared up. *wipes tears away* I'd like to thank my family and the academy...

Speaking of Academies, I came in second in my office's Oscar pool this year. If only I hadn't changed my Best Picture vote at the last minute! Doh! I just saw Avatar today. Gorgeous visuals. But it suffers from the Lucas problem, I think. People just didn't want to tell James that his story needed a few more revisions. Soooo many plot holes. Soooo many cheesy moments. Soooooooooooooooooooooo like Dinotopia meets Pocohontas in space. But it was gorgeous. I had to watch it for one of my 101 Goals goal and I'm glad I saw it in theaters so I could enjoy the technical side of it at least.

And speaking of 101 goals... I finished my last list and started my new one this week. I'm really excited about them. What's more is that 4 of my BookCrossing friends started their lists on the same day with me. Yay for peer pressure! A few of them have it on their list to help me with my list. I am really hoping that one of them will help me accomplish a specific item on my bucket list and hit me in the face with a pie. I've always wanted to experience that and it's kind of something I can't do on my own. My 101 list can still be found here: [livejournal.com profile] just_the_things

Oh, but something I CAN do on my own is attend my first discussion meetup for the local comic book group next week. I thought it was last week, but I was wrong. I'm so excited. I wanted to bring (among other things) the Wizard of Oz comic that Marvel put out (I'm buying the TPB when it comes out, so I wanted to get the first issue, which has been reissued specially this week for $1). I tried my normal comic book store but they didn't seem to have it. So I went to another comic book store nearby that I'd never been to before. It was a bitch to find, but I finally located it and went. And they had the comic for $1. They were also having a 5 comics for $1 sale. How could I resist looking? I'm so glad I did because I got so many awesome comics!
Angel- After the Fall #11 (I think I stopped buying them after #10)
Angel- After the Fall #12
Angel- After the Fall #14
Angel issue #22
Angel issue #27
Angel issue #78 (Angel looks so sad and cold on the cover)
Angel- Only Human Issue #2 (I must be really out of touch because I'd never even heard of this series)
Doctor Who- The Silver Scream Part 1/2
Doctor Who- The Silver Scream Part 2/2
Doctor Who- Fugitive Part 2/4
Doctor Who- Fugitive Part 3/4
Doctor Who- Fugitive Part 4/4
Fallen Son: The Death of Captain America
Fantastic Four issue 356 (I think; the numbering is weird)
All of that-- the Angel & Doctor Who issues are absolutely gorgeous, smooth covers-- including the Wizard of Oz comic for only $4.20. How can you beat a deal like that? SQUEE!

Tomorrow I'm skipping the write-in and going to the local thrift store to get as many books as possible to donate. And then I'm going to listen to the Harry Potter Alliance Livestream concert with my head of house, Lauren (one of the Moaning Myrtles) and some other WRockers (the head of chapters and the head of Slytherin are also going to perform). Then I have a chapters conference call with the HPA in the afternoon. And it turns out that my uncle, aunt, and cousin aren't coming this week but NEXT week, so I'll have time to clean during the week and not have to do it all tomorrow. Yay! Should be a fun day tomorrow. Assuming I wake up refreshed and not overwhelmed by all the books around me. LOL
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Movies I saw during April-June, 2008 )
I only list movies I've seen for the first time. TV, DVD, movie theater movies all count. I didn't see a lot of movies this quarter either... I still blame all my new television obsessions :-)
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I saw Prince Caspian today. Holy bejezus that was a movie!

There were a few tiny little details that, while watching, I was like "WHAT?!" but most of those seem to have faded by now. Naturally I knew there would be some changes from the book, and it's never been my favorite book so I don't really mind, oh, an ENTIRE subplot or two thrown in there to shake things up a bit. The only things I didn't really like were the tiny little things- I didn't really have a problem with the big stuff other people might take issue with (especially since I don't especially adore Susan because of her future). On the whole I fucking LOVED the movie. Made me cry twice (my shirt was wet around the collar at the end). Made me laugh out loud a few times. And I joined in with the rest of the audience and clapped at the end :-)

Points I want to make- mostly general. No real spoilers.

1. I really like these kids. I wasn't sure I loved them this much after the first movie (which I re-watched last night & this morning) but the family dynamics really bring something special to it. Watching their love for Narnia really brings it back in me and makes me a kid again, wishing I could be swept away there as well.

2. Reep was ALL KINDS OF AWESOME! I hadn't heard anything about him, so a few days back I Wikipedia'd him and my coworker and I were excited to see Eddie Izzard did his voice. I was a little skeptical of how that might go, considering the actor I grew up with who played him was playing a dwarf in the movie (Warwick Davis), but the result was wonderful! Loved him beyond words.

3. Fighting Fauns. Just... just gah. Oh my gods. How wrong is it of me to find them hot? Fauns have never done anything for me. Pan? Eh, nothing. But these guys... the way they jumped and fought and oh my gods! I'm totally in love. heehee. Seriously worth the price of admission for that.

4. I liked Caspian, don't get me wrong. For the script, I thought he was a great actor/choice. But I thought he was way too old when I saw who was cast and I've got to say I still think so after sitting through the movie. I understand many of the script/plot reasons for aging him, and it'll make Dawn Treader a heck of a lot easier to film, too (which is more of a concern for me since that's my favorite book). But I still would have preferred his being younger because it makes him look like an idiot to be 20-something and totally clueless in the beginning IMHO

5. Gorgeous. Simply gorgeous. I really like what they did with a lot of the canon parts. It's funny how in both movies they've had to add in whole, huge sequences. I'm so used to adaptations taking things out. But I didn't mind most of the additions because it was like an interpretation of the movie. And they were done in the spirit of the story, fitting the tone and all. They kept most of my favorite parts so I'm happy about that (mmmm... hurt boys...) and it was just a gorgeous movie with everything I could have wanted.

Go see it if you haven't already! Ugh. What happened to my Narnia icons? Must find one...
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Movies I saw during January-March, 2008 )

I only list movies I've seen for the first time. TV, DVD, movie theater movies all count... though I didn't go to the movies at all this quarter. And I didn't see a lot of movies either... I blame all my new television obsessions :-)
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I forgot to post my quarter 3 watches... but the lists are small thanks to TV watching, so here's the second half of the year all at once.

Movies I saw during quarters 3 & 4 of 2007 )

Again, I'm only counting movies I've seen for the first time only. Repeat viewings don't count.
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I forgot to post my Quarter 1 movie viewings. So this is the whole list of the first half of the year:

Movies I saw during Quarters 1 & 2 of 2007 )

Again, I'm only counting movies I've seen for the first time only. Repeat viewings don't count.
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Last night I wanted to watch the first Fantastic 4 movie to get in the mood... so I got ready for bed early and jumped under the covers only to remember that I'd unplugged my Playstation 2 in order to plug in my new DVR. Grr. So I angled my computer monitor towards the bed and sat sideways in bed to watch & read.

Today I woke up at 10am, ate breakfast, then hit the dollar store. They didn't have any mailing envelopes. Growl!

Then I went to the movies! I freakin forgot the little punch card thingy that gives you a free viewing at 10 punches *sigh* ANd then I left my glasses in the car. Ack. But I could see just fine, thankfully. I saw the Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer, naturally. LOVED it. Wasn't quite as good as the first movie, but it was definitely adorable and enjoyable. Great moments from all the characters (and oooohhh I love all those boys so much!) and San Lee had another cameo in this one (which made me clap and laugh out loud, actually). Ioan was fantastic... Reed had a pro-nerd speech that rocked my socks. Yes, I'm a nerd, I'm allowed to use awful, outdated phrases like that. LOL Seriously, I loved the movie. Nothing too deep or thought-provoking (there were of course some little themes but nothing new or shocking) but the action was great, the script was good, the characters still really jump off the screen. *happy sigh* Good movie. Going to have to find myself a geeky Reed icon now...

I stopped by the scary mall on the way home and bought some new shirts. According to my 101 things list, I'm supposed to be getting RID of clothes, not buying more. But some of my old ones are fraying or have stains and need to be tossed... but I still need things to wear. I got 5 shirts for $40. Not fantastic but not too bad either.

Then I went to the library. I donated some books, bought 7 used books (one of which is an X-Men novel- this is definitely a good Marvel-filled day), and picked up the first Hornblower book on CD which I'd placed on hold. Squee! Hornblower goodness!

I went to Blockbuster after that and returned The Fountain. I love Hugh Jackman. I love him very, very much. And a movie about immortality? How could I not love it? Ugh. How very wrong I was. Sorry Hugh.

After that I went to Walmart and bought way too much... except I left my list of things to buy at home. Doh! I remembered everything but one thing... which isn't crucial. Ah well. I bought a LOT for my June AnySoldier package including sunscreen, lots of little axe body spray samples, an Adam Sandler DVD, and a BUNCH of water guns because it's hot there and lots of the soldiers like to stay cool by playing with water guns :-)

Ack. So lots of driving around- I finished listening to The No.1 Ladies' Detective Agency in the car, actually. But I got a lot of good things and saw a great movie. I feel very accomplished and productive! Now if I can only churn out two more Sirius/Remus fics for that fest with the rest of the day... And maybe watch a few episodes of the Dead Zone and go back to Blockbuster...
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So my latest amusement is fake movie trailers which depict a movie as something it's not... thought I'd share the links:

My absolute favorite:
Shining: a touchy-feely film

Others that aren't bad either:
Bridget Jones' Diary: political thriller

Fight Club: romantic comedy

Liar Liar: thriller/drama

Monty Python & the Holy Grail: horror

Monty Python & the Holy Grail: epic adventure

Halloween: a comedy

Uncle Buck: horror movie


Mar. 5th, 2007 06:43 pm
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Haven't managed to get much writing done today... but I've been thinking of doing a story or two for the 30-minute challenge at Master and the Wolf, the Snupin Fuh-Q-Fest

I did go to the library and I went grocery shopping. So that's good. And I got 10 hours of sleep, which rocked- much needed.

I also saw Amazing Grace (7 people in the theater so it was like a private screening and as the first one there, I got to pick the best seat, right in the middle- yay). First off, OMG that was a fantastic movie! I thought it did a great job with the subject matter. I cried at the happy parts and the sad parts. It was strong and touching and did a really good job of covering a lot of ground in a very complex arguement in only a few hours. Second, OMG Ioan was AMAZING on the big screen- especially since his character is constantly brooding and sick. He was pushing my hurt/comfort buttons every five minutes, I swear! And the bagpipes *swoon* There is no music I like better than loud bagpipe music and I was damn glad to hear it during the movie. There are a lot of moments that seemed a little "typical" I guess you could say... but there were a lot of incredible moments of beauty and force to balance that out. I'm VERY glad I went to see it.
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OMG, I'm cracking up. Much needed, let me tell you. So I'm re-watching Bear Cub (which is a kickass film about "bears") and the commentary is being done by the main actor José Luis García Pérez and a woman named Pascal (I think) who... I'm actually not entirely sure who she is yet. The intro went a little too quickly. Maybe she's just there to prompt him for the commentary, who knows?

ANYWAY, it's just after the opening scene and Pedro (Jose's character) is cleaning up. He cleans up the cig butts and empty glasses, and he puts the porno mags in a drawer and slides the cock rings in after them, and the commentary goes something like this:

Jose: Well, I suppose you need an explication of... *laughs*
Pascal: *laughs* Yes, explain that.
Jose: Okay, this is things that you use to enjoy yourself having sex. *pauses as Pedro onscreen picks up used condoms* Having a lot of sex.
Pascal: These are specialize to bears, things or?
Jose: No, no, no. I use it, too.
Pascal: Oh, you use it too?
Jose: Of course, of course.
Pascal: Oh explain that...
Jose: No, c'mon no.

LMAO, seriously. He's so adorable and good-natured I can't stand it. Makes me wonder what commentary for pornos would be like. Probably a hell of a lot more interesting than listening to the actual dialogue/film.
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And now that Quarter 4 of 2006 is over, here's my list of movies for the the last part of the year.

Not as many as in previous quarters, and none from theaters. But Giftfics and NaNoWriMo zapped a lot of my free time. Still, there are a lot.

Moves I Saw during Quarter 4 of 2007 )

And, again, these are just the ones I saw for the very first time in this time period. Movies on TV, video, DVD, and theaters all count.
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Tis kind of nice to have money to spend when I want it. I went over my budget ten times today, then stopped by Target on my way home.

I bought:
-X-Men 3 (Not the special Target edition with the comic book and trading cards... I can live without those)
-Murial's Wedding (as a Christmas present for my mother)
-Fellowship of the Ring (the new edition with both versions of the movie on one- I never bought the theatrical releases so this will be my only copy of those)
-The Two Towers (see above)
-Return of the King (same thing)
-Barenaked Are Me (the new BNL album I haven't heard yet)
-Candy Corn (because I'm running low on my candy corn bag and it's my favorite candy ever)
-Tootsie Roll Pops (I'm going to dress some up as ghosts in the BookCrossing Halloween secret buddy package I'm sending out)

Whew! All that for under $90, which isn't too bad. (That's about $14 per movie/CD) But this time last year I never would have had $90 to blow in one afternoon! LOL I like having money. Money is good. It lets me buy happy-making things.

I *thought* about buying the Little Mermaid on DVD. One of my co-workers got it today and was showing it around the office. And I debated it last night. I don't know. I adore the movie muchly... but it reminds me of a time period that always makes me sad, so I don't know how much I'd watch it. But I do have a few other Disney movies on DVD (and the INSTANT 101 Dalmations comes out I'm THERE!) So I dunno. I'm sure the "Disney Vault" will be open a little while longer so I can think about it more.

Next on my list of "I've been meaning to buy that" are seasons 5, 6, 4 and 1 of Highlander (in that order) and then the Buffy and Angel seasons I don't have (which is, like, all but one of each series). I passed NCIS Season 1 in the store today and thought about getting it. But maybe I'll wait a little while for the price to drop. I'm thinking of buying Noah's Arc when the price drops a little more, too. It already dropped, like, $10. The seasons are SO short that I really can't see spending that much for only 8 or 9 episodes, even if the bonus features rock.
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Quarter 3 of the year is over.
So it's time to post the movies I've watched over the last three months.

I watched more movies in Quarter 2 than I did in Quarter 1. And I watched more movies in Quarter 3 than in Quarter 2 (just barely). So apparently Quarter 4 is going to be a busy one for me movie-watching-wise! LOL

Movies I Saw during Quarter 3 of 2006 )

Again, these are just the movies I've seen in this time period for the first time. Ones I've seen before or seen many times over aren't included here (and the fact that I've watched some of the movies on this list more than 10 times isn't mentioned, LOL)
They include movies I saw on tv, in theaters, on VHS, and on DVD.
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Went to see Pirates 2 last night (with my father, I'm such a dork). Tried to drag sister along but she said she didn't want to see it because she'd heard it wasn't that good, and then she gave a rant about how historically inaccurate Disney makes things... Um, yeah. Because we all know pirate ghosts (or is that ghost pirates?) should be able to float around and fly, right? And there wasn't any of that in the first movie! *headdesk*

Anyway *I* enjoyed the movie lots. It wasn't as magical as the first one, but I think watching the two (and, eventually, all three) all together would make for a very consistent and enjoyable time. If they'd changed things up, done different things with the characters, or left out certain jokes the movies wouldn't make sense as a series. But this felt like just another chapter in the fandom. So of course I enjoyed it. Lots of nummy and lots of funny and lots of action and lots of potential for h/c... and the three-way swordfight really impressed me. I've seen a Hell of a lot of swordfights in my day (more than hundreds) but I've never seen anything quite so interesting as that particular three-way, seriously. Props to their swordmaster!

Anyhoo, if you want to discuss here, feel free. Just make sure you mention if there are spoilers in your post.
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Yesterday, upon recommendation from my Kindred Spirit who knows how bad I am at making decisions, I purchased an external hard drive. I was down to 500MB of free space on my comp and you can't do much with that little free space. So I've been transferring files over since last night. I'm SO excited about it. A place to put my videos for vidding when I'm not using them. And a place to back-up all my important things. It's a 200GB hard drive and I bought it on sale for $104 with tax. So not bad!

So I crashed early last night because I was exhausted and I woke up at 9am this morning. Tried to go back to sleep but was unsuccessful so I putzed around a little and had breakfast a little after 10. Then I ran errands. Went to:
Nearest library (bought 11 used books)
Used Bookstore (bought nothing)
Dollar Store (bought a clipboard to use at work when I make my rounds)
Walmart (bought blank video tapes, CD labels, and part of a birthday present for [livejournal.com profile] tinadp)
Bank (deposited first paycheck from job I started last December that I'm still doing part time- I FINALLY got paid- half $ and half stock)
CVS (bought deodorant- it's the only place that sells the brand I use and it's the only brand that works for me)
Blockbuster (got out: Match Point, The Libertine, and some horrible-looking Christopher Lambert-with-a-sword movie. But they had a 3 previously-viewed for $20 deal I couldn't pass up. There's one movie I wanted they didn't have, so I settled on Alfie. I also got Fantastic Four and Stay- whoohoo!)

So among Jude Law, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Ewan McGregor, and Ioan Gruffud I shall have a lovely weekend of some of my favorite British actors *EG*

I need to watch the rentals now... and Queer Duck: the movie which I taped last Sunday and haven't watched yet (I got to hear the creator speak back when I was in college so I get a kick out of Queer Duck). But I sort of want to watch Alfie again for the Jude Law with a cold scene- that floors me every time. The sweater and the soup and the little sniffles. Gods he couldn't be more cute!

So, yeah. Lots of money-spending from me during the past few days. I bought a flash drive a week or two ago, too, so I can transfer things easily from computer to laptop. But I'm really excited about my external hard drive. It's going to take the rest of the day to transfer all files over... and then get some files from my back-up CD's onto there. But then I'll be able to delete files worry-free (with back-up's on CD and the external hard drive) And movies! I still have to watch Stargate Season 8 Disk 1 commentaries, but then I shall have a marvelous weekend.

Completely in denial about the fact that I STILL haven't seen PotC:2. My sister's, like, sick and dying and I promised her I'd see it with her. So I can't go yet. But the second doctor she saw said it probably is just inner ear problems NOT a brain tumor like the first doctor said. So that's quite an improvement.
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Quarter 2 of the year comes to an end... and here's the list of movies I've seen (for the first time) during that time period.

Movies I Saw during Quarter 2 of 2006 )

This doesn't count movies I saw before April and re-watched during this time period. But it does count movies watched on DVD, VHS, TV, and in theaters (in only 1 case). Lotsa movies. Some better than others. Some a LOT better than others.

X-Men 3

May. 27th, 2006 02:10 pm
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Just got back from seeing X-Men 3. I agree with the reviewers that it didn't have the same charm and style and magic as the first two, what with the new director. And the lack of the fuzzy blue elf made me sad (though I knew as much going in) but Beast was wonderful to see (I had a hard time not seeing him as Kelsey in blue make-up, though) as Beast's my faaaavorite X-Men ever. Lots of cute-boy angst... I wish I'd been warned about the character death (fanfic has ruined me, LOL!)... and I enjoyed a lot of the underlying themes, as well as meeting some familiar faces for the first time (like Beast and Angel and Spike). I enjoyed the movie a lot. Not as much as the first two, but it was good and decent and did I mention the angsty boys? *G*
I stuck around for the extra scene after the credits as well and was GLAD I did!!!

Let's see... other happy... new Pirates of the Caribbean trailer (at least, new-to-me, the third one I've seen) before the movie which ROCKED!!! Mmmm. The world definitely needs more pirates... and more wet!Orli, to be sure.

While heading out of the movie, the nice guy who held the door for me looked familiar. We did one of those double-takes and stared at each other, then he asked if I went to so-and-so high school. I remembered his name (hell, we went to the same ELEMENTARY school! We had at least a dozen classes with each other over the years) but he didn't remember my name. It was WORLDS of awkward, but I came out of my shell a little (though still shocked after the movie) and initiated conversation and then we parted VERY awkwardly (my fault. I couldn't take the shy silence any longer and neither of us knew what to say LOL). But it was kind of nice. He's a cutie.

Left a book at the movie theater. It's a city I've never BookCrossed in before, so that was exciting. LOL

Stopped by the library on the way home and bought a few more books for BookCrossing. Found a copy of The Hobbit which matches my original series, so that rocks. And found a hockey romance novel. Whoooboy! Gonna have fun with that one! *facepalm* heehee Gotta love it.

I chickened out about asking about the display case in the library today. I'm thinking of putting one of my collections in it. But I don't know who to ask and it was uber busy today, what with the volunteer gardening squad coming and going.

There's a Sean Bean series starting tonight on BBCA that looks good. I might tape it (watching hockey, naturally).

Okay. So now I shall work on Remusfic... I only have two and a quarter days left to write fics for. So it looks like I'll make it. *knock on wood*


Contents of this journal include: sneeze fetish references and lots of hurt/comfort, short fics and/or WIPS, everything from gen and het to slash and femslash, everything from G to NC-17, random ramblings about my life and fandom obsessions.

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